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Educational leaders are continually faced with understanding local, state, and national trends in education. Perhaps none of them have more practical value than understanding trends and changes in enrollment. Educational administrators use enrollment projections to help prepare for adequate spaces, budgets, staffing, and most recently understanding the impacts of the global pandemic on school restoration.


The single largest driver of school district budgets is enrollment. As such, having accurate and sustainable projections is key to predictable budgeting. We have all seen the impacts of under-budgeting, leaving too many students in a classroom and without adequate resources. Conversely, nothing is more disruptive to school functions than having to make significant budget reductions during a school year. Our K12enroll tools provide you with accurate data available to build your next budget, revise budgets, and make budgeting decisions with ease.


Every district's budget has staffing as a primary expenditure. At K12enroll, we understand that having the right staff, at the right school, for the right number of students is a highly complex projection that requires the most accurate forecast. K12enroll uses multiple sources of input data to aid your decision making for staffing schools appropriately.

Facilities Planning

Planning for adequate space for student learning is an important part of school district leadership that far outlives other projects. The schools and facilities you are planning today will become part of your community for decades to come and K12enroll is your partner throughout the process. It is important to also remember the important impact that changing enrollment can have on the resource availability and previous plans. K12enroll's data-driven process ensures that the decisions you make are based on sound projections for the future.

Post-Pandemic Restoration

Our team at K12enroll knows the concerns and questions coming out of the global pandemic regarding enrollment change. Many school districts saw fewer students return to school, especially in the younger grade levels. K12enroll helps district leaders know and understand the exact impacts of the pandemic on enrollment and use it as a tool for decision making for the future.

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