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Our K12enroll team is devoted to reviewing community growth issues, planning and zoning information, historical enrollment data, enrollment projection models, and preparing for the estimated future impacts on the capacity of school buildings and districts. With nearly three decades of experience and leadership working with school districts, K12enroll is a trusted resource for many school district clients.

An understanding of local trends requires gathering information from a variety of governmental and private sector sources. Our consulting team has used both qualitative and quantitative information to develop the projections. Census data provides a wealth of information but is sometimes difficult to gather and analyze. State and local planning agencies are also common sources of information on economic and labor data. Housing data provides important information about where growth or decline may occur, and it provides important data on the number of students per housing unit for some enrollment projection models.

K12enroll has been developed by Teater Crocker in Seattle, Washington.
For more information on facility planning or to review our past planning projects, visit teatercrocker.com

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